About Clinical Documentation Improvement Australia

CDIA was born out of a group of Australian doctors and nurses who observed how the quality of clinical documentation was impacting patients from a safety, quality and communication perspective and hospitals from a funding perspective.

Disillusioned with the mantra to “write more”, we sought a better way.

Since 2016, we’ve partnered with many of Australia’s leading hospitals and have educated more than 7000 health professionals about clinical documentation improvement. We’d love to work with you, too.

Our Mission

Empowering clinicians to deliver safer care to every patient

  • Partnering with hospitals, creating a documentation culture that reflects the clinical truth
  • Ensuring hospital funding reflects patient complexity
  • Enhancing the integrity of Australian and New Zealand healthcare data

CDIA’s core offering, the Pursuit Program, delivers consistent results across all hospital sizes

Our tailored programs are ideal for both private and public hospitals, suitable for EMR, digital and paper records.

Our Story


Our journey began when Dr David Tralaggan witnessed a serious adverse patient outcome influenced by poor clinical documentation. David embarked on a personal odyssey to discover strategies to improve Australia’s clinical documentation.

Concurrently, Nicole Draper was charged with improving clinical documentation in a large metropolitan private hospital.


Nicole Draper successfully established one of the first clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs in Australia.

Dr David Tralaggan incorporated Clinical Documentation Improvement Australia (CDIA).


Dr David Tralaggan and Nicole Draper combined forces and entered a partnership due to their mutual passion for CDI.

Within the year, CDIA secured partnerships with hospitals across all of Australia’s east coast states.


We continued to grow through partnerships with the second largest private hospital network in Australia and the largest private hospital network in Western Australia.


We completed major CDI projects in every state in Australia.

We spoke at multiple international conferences, including the IFHIMA Congress in the UAE, the ACDIS Conference in the USA and the Saudi Patient Safety Centre Conference in Saudi Arabia.

The number of clinicians CDIA educated grew to more than 7000.


We went international, partnering with the largest public hospital in New Zealand.

The CDIA team

Our core values